Trafalgar Tea

For the light hearted, the traveller seeking to experience life, colour, taste and explore delightful and aromatic blends of premium black teas with the exotic flavours of fruits and herbal infusions, our brand of Trafalgar Teas provides the perfect companion.

We have travelled around the world to create the best blends for this brand for we believe that tea can also be an experience that accompanies fun, laughter and joyful moments as you explore the world around. French Breakfast, Moringa, English Breakfast, Brazilian Lime, Herbal, Scottish Breakfast, Russian Earl Grey, Irish Breakfast, Kandyan Flora are some of the popular blends we have created under this brand.

Available Formats

  • Pot / Tag less Tea Bags
  • String & Tag Tea Bags
  • Envelope Tea Bags (Individually Wrapped in Paper / Foil)
  • Pyramid Tea Bags
  • Loose Leaf Tea Packets
  • Food Service Packs
  • Bulk Packing (Paper Sacks / Master Cartons)