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As a family business over the years, we have mastered the art of maintaining high quality and efficiency standards in all echelons of the Company. Our trained quality control staff ensures that stringent standards are maintained at all times from the very inception that tea enters our packing facility. Additionally, we use the services of internationally recognized independent auditors to assist us in maintaining consistent standards of quality control. In keeping with the most up-to-date food and safety regulations, our packing facility is currently engaged in the process of qualifying for HACCEP Certification, which should be successfully concluded early in 2007.

The Company owns and operates its packing facility, which is situated in the township of Kelanimulla, approximately seven kilometers from the City of Colombo. Totaling 20,000 square feet, these two warehouses give us ample space to process and pack our export orders and are in very close proximity to the Port of Colombo.

Our Company offices are also situated in close proximity to the packing facility so that management supervision is present at every stage of production, thereby ensuring finished products of excellent quality.